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Suggested Home Maintenance
(Print this and use as a check list)

Annual Interior Chores
Clean and seal tile grout
Inspect plumbing shutoff valves
Inspect toilets for stability, do not over tighten flange bolts
"Exercise" circuit breakers (be careful!!!)
Vacuum smoke alarms
Vacuum refrigerator coils
Inspect fireplace flue for glossy build up of creosote and have it cleaned regularly
Inspect fireplace firebrick and mortar of cracks and deterioration


Monthly Interior Chores

Inspect and clean faucet aerators and shower heads
Clean frost-free refrigerator drain pan
Inspect dishwasher for leaks
Clean kitchen exhaust fan filters
Grind ice cubes in disposal
Check and replace, if needed, heating system air filter
Drain 1 to 2 gallons of water from water heater (Be careful, this water is hot!!!)
Maintain drains with baking soda or hot water, not with chemical drain openers
Pour water down unused drains
Inspect foundation, pipes, vents and ducts visible from inside


Heating, Cooling and Hot Water
Most HVAC systems maintenance should be done twice a year, once before the heating season and once before the cooling season, where appropriate.

General furnace inspection. Look for rust, scaling on heat exchanger, proper color flame. Note odd sounds or smells. Check condition of venting

Test for proper draft at furnace and/or water heater diverter, examine flue for leaks, rust, damage.

Examine pressure-temperature relief valve for leaking, and test, if desired.

Arrange for appropriate regular servicing and cleaning.

Additional, for hot water heating systems:

drain expansion tank
check water level, pressure
check drip pan, if applicable, for signs of tank leakage

Monthly Safety Tests

Automatic garage door opener
GFCI receptacles and GFCI circuit breakers
Smoke alarms
General inspection of heating unit and water heater
Test pressure-temperature relief valve located on top, or on the side of, hot water heater(s)

Spring and Fall Exterior Chores

Rake debris away from side of house and other structures
Clean out gutters, if applicable
Check gutters, down spouts and roof penetrations for leaks, if applicable
Check and repair, if needed, caulk around exterior
Treat wood gutters, if applicable
Note any cracks in foundation, brick or stucco
Scrub mildewed areas of house
Clean gaps between deck boards above joists
Clean around air conditioner compressor
Inspect and replace weather striping, if needed
Inspect and lubricate windows for emergency egress, if needed
Clean out under decks and porches if applicable
Inspect and repair glazing compound, if needed
Clean out basement window well, if applicable


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